Mother's Day Exclusive: A chat with Jillian & Hannah

Mother's Day Exclusive: A chat with Jillian & Hannah

Hannah Smith - Shanty Corporation Mothers Day FeatureA MOTHER IS SHE WHO CAN TAKE THE PLACE

- Cardinal Mermillod 

 Our amazing mothers go above and beyond for their children
and let's be honest we believe every day should be Mother's Day!

We are constantly inspired by all the exceptional mothers in our community who are trying to balance their daily responsibilities and still manage to look effortlessly chic. 
To celebrate just how special mums are we tracked down two of our favourite stylish mummas, Jillian (@jillys_mummastyle) and Hannah (@hanlsmith_) to chat to them about motherhood. 

Coincidently they are are both mothers to two beautiful girls named Poppy!
Scroll down to read more about motherhood, style and their favourite Shanty Corp pieces.

Shanty Corp - Mothers Day
What is one of your most precious memories since becoming a mum?
H: My most precious memory was the day we got to bring Poppy home from the hospital. We spent 4 days in special care nursery with her so it was such a nice feeling to bring her home and be in our own little newborn bubble
J: The first time I sung my daughter a lullaby. Music is important to my family so holding my own daughter and bringing that tradition to her for the first time was quite emotional for me. 
How do you incorporate your own sense of style whilst being a mum?
H: I definitely have a more classic/ casual sense of style. I tend to go for more practical, easy to style and multi wear pieces. I always think about the pieces I have at home and how I can style them back different ways to create different looks.
J: Your own style takes a new direction when becoming a Mum! Comfort over everything is the most important but you also don’t want to loose your sense of style and expression. It’s important to find great brands such as Shanty Corp where you can have both style and comfort. 
What’s your favourite piece from the Shanty Collection?
H: I love my Mandalay Vest! I love anything linen and the stripe is so beautiful!
J: That’s so hard! I would say the Riviera Pantsuits are a fav! I love this style as they’re so versatile. Easily could be dressed up or down. I also can’t go passed a good quality basic essential tee and Shanty Collection has so many! 
Celebrating Mum's - Shanty Corp Blog
Has becoming a mum changed your style or the way you dress?
H: It has definitely changed the way I dress. Your body changes so much becoming a mum so I think more about what will suit my body shape and what pieces are practical to wear constantly trying to keep up with Poppy (and keep clean 🙊)

What accomplishments are you most proud of being a mum?
 J: I am most proud of being a busy working mum. I know to some people that may be something that they wish they weren’t. But to me I feel it models a positive lesson to my daughter. Women can be strong and have careers and still be dedicated to their children. 

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Jillian - Shanty Corp Mothers Day Feature